New Website For Tims Dairy

As a food or drink producer your website is your public face – your chance to show yourself off to the best possible advantage and encourage as many sales opportunities as you can. Designed properly it can be an invaluable marketing tool. There are lots of different options for lots of different budgets, what is important is to maximise your site at any particular level.

We have worked with some great website designers and builders over the years. It is crucial however that someone with a good knowledge of your brand oversees the work and that there is someone with good website experience who knows how to ask all the right questions. There are also the practical issues of navigation – practical usage – to consider.

We also pride ourselves on the quality of our written copy for use on a site – important if you want to convey the right messages to your customers – old and new.

We advised long term client Tims Dairy that a new website would be beneficial to them, and the project through mid 2017 has proved to be an enormous success. We are delighted with the fresh approach that reflects the quality and healthiness of the yogurt. Please take a look and see what you think Tims Dairy

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