Press & Media Golden Rules

It is vitally important to get your messages across to your customers. Whilst the last 10 years have seen a phenomenal rise in the popularity and effectiveness of social media channels as a means of promoting your own business, the power of the media should never be ignored.

Copy needs to be imaginative, interesting, well-written, concise, structured and appealing. Even then the number of people reading your feature will reduce considerably after each paragraph – whether it is hard copy or online. Get your messages about who you are and what you do over as quickly as possible and try to ‘hook’ the reader in. Unless you are paying for advertorial there is no reason why a  company should promote your business unless it helps them to attract readers or listeners and sell copies.

The longer you work with publications and media companies, the better you get to know what they want from a story and so you can adapt your PR accordingly. “I love your stuff” an editor said to us recently. “When I see your name on the email I think ‘yippee’ as I know I can just drop it straight into print.”

Getting bored? That’s enough then.


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