Sampling Tims Dairy Yogurt

Client Tims Dairy are often asked to hold in-store sampling sessions to increase consumer awareness of their delicious yogurts. This can be in a major supermarket chain, an independent outlet including farm shops or in the work place.

Whist there are resource, set up and product unit costs associated with the process, sampling is a fantastic way to get your products in front of the consumer. Take up of your goods from the shelves on the day will often help to compensate for the cost – you must make sure that the outlet is well stocked in advance – but it does help in finding new consumers and establishing longer term loyalty.

Our sampling days with Tims Dairy are some of the highlights of the year. We have helped them build up a loyal consumer base and wherever you are someone – many people in fact – have a great word to say about Tims Dairy yogurts.

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